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Incredible deep-cleaning across your whole home.

Upright vacuum power

The Shark® APEX® UpLight™ stick vacuum is engineered with HyperVelocity™ accelerated suction to deliver unheard of power for a vacuum cleaner of this size.

Floors & carpets

DuoClean® dual brushrolls deep clean carpets and give hard floors a polished look—all in one cleaner head.

Detachable pod with integrated hose

Shark's lightest Lift-Away® pod has an extendable hose to clean tight spaces, cars, and more.

Versatile capabilities. Ultimate ease.

Designed for homes with pets

Get powerful pet hair pickup with no hair wrap on the brushroll. Advanced filtration traps dust & dander in the dust cup.

Reimagine your reach

Combine the extendable hose with the vacuum wand for extended reach to clean in all-new areas.

Converts to a handheld vacuum

Easily converts to a handheld vacuum for quick cleaning of messes all around your home.


Stands on its own with the help of retractable support wheels.

Shark’s most innovative technologies combine.

DuoClean® dual brushrolls

Shark’s ultimate carpet and floor cleaning—two brushrolls in one cleaner head take on large, small, and stuck-on particles.

Self-cleaning brushroll

Removes pet hair and long hair from the brushroll—no more hair wrap.

HyperVelocity™ suction

Streamlined air flow and a high-speed motor combine to give you accelerated suction power.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

Captures and traps over 99.9% of dust, dirt, and allergens through a HEPA filter (based on ASTM F1977 of particles 0.3 microns and larger).